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Our Key People

Dr Alan Collier - President
Chairman of Directors

Alan has started businesses and provided business, management and legal consultancy to a wide range of organizations.

As a management consultant has advised many governments, agencies and corporations in relation to management issues, technology and the law.  Clients include the Governments of New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, plus senior agencies of many State and the federal Governments.

Has worked as a consultant with a number of defence entities including Boeing, Tenix and RLM Systems.  He was chairman of the Australia Defence Association 2008-2013.

Murray Mann - Chief Executive Officer
Managing Director

Since 1998 Murray has been involved in the planning, management and recovery of many complex projects.
His particular value to clients  derives from his extensive experience in line management in defence and aerospace corporations including Rockwell, Tenix Aerospace and Boeing Australia.  

As a consultant he has been called upon by numerous organisations including ADI, Tenix Defence (in marine, electronics land and aerospace divisions), RLM Systems, Thales defence, commercial companies including Qantas and Compucat, and the Queensland Government.

Project  have varied from relocations of corporations to electronic manufacture (including conceiving and managing a virtual factory), armoured vehicles, civil buildings and train systems. He has developed a high level of tender process management with excellent results. These projects have resulted in major awards for results achieved.

In his work recovering projects under stress, and in preparing complex bids and tenders, he has found that the key factor is the integration of financial, management and technical planning.  Many of the lessons he has learned have been embedded in the artificial intelligence embedded in the wizards of the IMP system. Murray was the chief architect of IMP.

In recent years Murray has provided Thales in Australia with notable support across various business units. All such support has included the use of the modelling power of IMP to expand business, improve delivery and more thoroughly evaluate opportunity and risk in upcoming ventures.  Murray has led the VESP team now deploying the IMP software across dispersed enterprise of one of their key divisions.
Chris McGowan - Software Specialist
Chris is a highly experienced senior software engineer with demonstrated capabilities in software requirements analysis, software design, implementation, test, verification and validation. He has particular skills in architectural design and building team solutions. His individual productivity and ability to work in technical teams has led to his extensive work experiences in recent years. He has often played a crucial role in recovery of projects that have fallen into difficulty. Chris is a well-qualified and experienced software designer, implementer and systems integrator.

Chris has worked on some of the largest software projects in Australia in the last two decades, notably the Collins class submarines and the ADI Minehunter/Coastal project.

The majority of his software experience has been in the field of real-time embedded software, usually on military projects.

Chris has been principally responsible for designing and developing the IMP database and software.
Graeme Neil - Enterprise Architect/Senior Systems Engineer

Graeme is a systems engineer and enterprise architect with more than thirty years experience in telecommunications and defence.

During the early part of his career Graeme built satellite earth stations for both the NZPO and OTC, and was the systems engineering manager for such projects as the modernisation of the Defence High Frequency Network, Magnetic Testing and Treatment Facility in Western Australia, Australian Defence Air Traffic Control System, and the ANZAC Ships Communications Systems Maintenance Project.. Graeme was appomited the Chief Engineer for BAE SYSTEMS in Australia.

As a consultant to Australian Defence, he was Systems Engineer for DMO’s Wideband Global Satellite Certification Authority, responsible for certifying Australian WGS Terminals, and most recently was the Lead Systems Architect for the Australian Defence Simulation Architecture which is a true Enterprise Architecture for a Defence-wide simulation/synthetic environment supported on an ICT infrastructure.

Graeme was responsible for the initial design and concept demonstrator of IMP.

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