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Integrated Master Planner (IMP) is the most powerful software suite available in the world for major project bidding, management and recovery.


a quantum improvement in the way projects are bid and managed

visibility to project planning and operations on a scale never before possible 

the management of costs, resources and schedules so as to maximize profit and reduce costs

improves data capture by up to 40% over conventional methods

permits at-will rework of bids and projects, including tracking changes, revisions to rationales, time-phased estimates and integrated schedule

provides management with insights that they have always wanted

near real time information on the performance of every project by extracting information from software tools used within the company and adds a layer of processing and presentation targeted at executive review on-line

does NOT require any changes to existing tools used by a company because it can import and export to almost all existing project tools used.  Specialists can continue to use their favourite tools

integrates the common data pool, thus eliminating problems arising from non-linked tools and the need for committees to review and agree the implications of changes

a smooth transition from marketing to bid team through negotiation team to implementation team by maintaining the same base data set which allows full accountability for decisions

lessons to be learnt from completed projects by capturing actual performance and comparing this with earlier projections

an edge for for leaders in their field, or companies that aspire to be leaders

a tool that  is simple to use

involves a shift in a company’s paradigm of operation – it is not merely another tool, it is a major improvement in the way projects are bid and managed.

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