Project Bidding, Management and Recovery Expert Services

Project Summaries

Projects in which the VESP team have used IMP include

• Successful competitive source selection of Hawkei vehicle for lightweight armoured replacement of Land Rover in Humvee
type role.

• Army Field Hospital winning bid using Weatherhaven shelter solution.

• Modelling of complex PPP deployments of transport systems including light rail and metro infrastructure proposals.

• Modelling of costs to deliver vehicles and options of truck fleet proposal for Thales Australia.

• Modelling of vehicle delivery for Tenix and Land Rover proposal for the Australian Army.
• Modelling of delivery of field hospitals for Australian Army.

• Modelling of recovery of delivery of electronics and IT infrastructure for largest HW for ADF.  The successful recovery here resulted in an AIPM joint award for our client in the category of Construction Engineering in excess of $100m.

• Modelling of delivery and risk and statusing of relocation of Qantas Heavy Engineering for Boeing 767 aircraft from Sydney to Brisbane.

• Modelling and delivery of recovery of Queensland Motorways (QML) free-flow tolling project. Once recovered the client, Thales • Australia and their client, QML, won an international award for this Free Flow Tolling project.

• Establishment of a virtual factory in Queensland with IMP as the planning and statusing system.

• Estimation of total project costings for delivery of naval vessels by Tenix across two states.

• Evaluation and then training process with Compucat in Canberra.

• Successful recovery of complex software project for end used by Australian Navy Hydrographers.

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