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Our clients include:

 • Thales Defence
 • Thales ATM
 • Tenix Defence
 • Compucat
 • RLM Systems
 • Defence Housing Australia
 • Global Defence Solutions
“IMP is by far the very best integrated proposal estimating and project management system I have ever worked with. It is truly innovative, providing a coherent and comprehensive closed loop system that enables detailed and pertinent project cost development and performance analysis. IMP provides, in one system, an unrivalled capability for the estimation of costs, the analysis of actual performance measured against those costs as estimated and advanced, thoroughly relevant and flexible reporting for all levels of management.” - Jim Christopher

Mr Christopher is a commercial, contracts, proposal and pricing/estimating specialist with over 30 years' experience in proposals, and contracts/commercial management, including the development and implementation of contracts/commercial/pricing/estimating management policies, procedures and processes. He specializes in project requirements and risk analysis, proposal estimating/pricing and project performance assessment, reporting and control.  His experience includes roles as Commercial Manager for Thales Transport Systems, Proposals Manager for SYPAQ Systems, Bid Manager for Tenix Defence, Proposal Centre Manager for RLM Systems and various proposal, contracts/commercial and pricing/estimating management positions for Rockwell International and Boeing for over 18 years.
IMP was used to recover this project

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